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ABOUT NAOMI - The Artist behind the brush


“My Heart and Soul are stained...with the inks of the Ocean” - Naomi 

 ABOUT NAOMI - The Artist behind the brush
Born in Victoria Australia, Naomi spent much of her youth in the coastal town of Portland. Surrounded by the majestic seascapes of South-West Victoria, this was where her heart and soul first connected to the beauty and magic of the Ocean and Sealife that surrounded her. During her later teen years Naomi relocated to the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Following her passion for Art, Naomi continued her education in Art and Design, including an apprenticeship in Graphic Design and Reproduction. Naomi’s early career continued with a Graphic Design Studio and Printing company in North Melbourne.
Naomi met her first love during her final year of Art studies in 1989. Mauro later declaring that he fell in love with her when she was displaying her Art folio at a mutual workplace. They married on Hayman Island Queensland, and were blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. Whilst raising their family in Victoria, Naomi went on to work in the New Home Residential Construction Industry. Designing new homes and working with new home owners, Builders, Property and Land Developers, and Interior Decorators.
Sadly Mauro was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2013. After a brave and strong fight, Mauro passed away in 2014. The loss of Mauro redefined life as Naomi (and her daughters) knew it. Passionate about the gift of life, and determined to “make every single day count”, Naomi and her daughters embraced their new journey forward. It was time to chase new goals and dreams.
In 2019 Naomi made the decision to move with her daughters to Queensland. Relocating to the majestic Sunshine Coast reignited Naomi's love for all things Ocean and Sealife. Naomi’s heart and soul was alive again... her creative illustrative soul was calling out after a (nearly) 30 year absence.
“Ocean Art Naomi” was brought to life in January 2020.

Inspired by the vast beauty and bold colours of the Ocean and Sealife of the Sunshine Coast, Naomi’s various works are created using Pencil, Acrylic Gouche, Ink, Conte Pastel and Watercolor mediums.

Although Naomi loves creating again, it is the various emotional connections that people have expressed about her artwork and the happiness they feel in the bright colors used, that brings her the greatest joy.