Welcome to Ocean Art Naomi - Capturing the beauty and magic of Ocean and Sea life through Art

Ocean Art Naomi

Capturing the beauty and magic of Ocean and Sea Life through Art

Meet the Artist behind the brush - Naomi

"My Heart and Soul are stained...with the inks of the Ocean" - Naomi

Naomi grew up in the coastal town of Portland Victoria. This was where her heart and soul first connected to all things Ocean and Sealife. During her later teen years Naomi relocated to the south east suburbs of Melbourne and pursued her Art studies, which also included completing her Graphic Design and Reproduction Apprenticeship. Following a further interest in the construction industry, Naomi went on to new home sales and designing new homes, and investment properties. After the loss of her late husband in 2014, Naomi knew she needed to "make each day count"...and set off on a journey to redefine her life.

In 2019 Naomi moved from Victoria to Queensland. Relocating to the majestic Sunshine Coast reignited Naomi's love for all things Ocean and Sealife. Naomi’s heart and soul was alive again... it was time for her to chase her passion and her dreams.

“Ocean Art Naomi” was brought to life in January 2020.

Inspired by the vast beauty and bold colours of the Ocean and Sealife of the Sunshine Coast, Naomi’s various works are created using Derwent Pencil, Acrylic Gouche Paint, Ink, Conte Pastel and Watercolor mediums.

Although Naomi loves creating again, it is the various emotional connections that people have expressed about her artwork that brings her the greatest joy.


"My heart and soul are stained with the inks of the Ocean" - Naomi