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Limited Editions - Series 13

So, you are seeking that special piece of Ocean Art but you don't really want to own a print that everyone else has. Maybe the cost of an original Artwork is not quite the spend you had in mind either. I have had this discussion many times with many buyers and investors of my Art. The solution??  Become an exclusive owner of one of my LIMITED EDITIONS - SERIES 13. I have created this range and product exclusively...to help meet the needs and requests of my Ocean Art loving investors. These Giclee archival reproduction prints are also sealed with a Giclee Shield and carry an 80yr colour fastness guarantee (conditions apply). This range will only have a total of "13" reproduction prints ever made worldwide!! A certificate of Authenticity is included and will reflect the series run number applicable to the print copy out of a TOTAL of 13 prints. Don't want the nominated canvas size listed? Not a problem...I am more than happy to discuss larger custom size prints to suit...and quote a price to reflect your custom size...just ask!

So why the number "13" you ask..? The number 13 has been a very significant number in my life. It is a number that has been present throughout my life journey, representing many significant life events and moments, and either shows itself as a calendar date, clock times, pictures, numbers and symbols. When my "13's" show up I know that I am on the right track, and that something great or significant is about to happen. It's a number that connects and talks to my soul deeply. It is my Lucky number...and my Angel number...