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2020 - A year we will never forget ...

Posted by Naomi Pettenuzzo on

What a year 2020 has proven to be! All I can say is "WOW"...I don't think any of us saw this year coming! I have often joked that I gave up my 'other' so called successful career...so I could become a simple and poor artist (and a happy one at that!)...and then Covid 19 hit us...and hit us all hard! Well...when I put it out there about being a simple poor artist...I didn't mean I "literally" wanted to become one! Haha! So....like everyone else I went into my isolation bubble. Trying to push past all of the grey clouds looming over our beautiful world as we knew it, I struggled to connect to my creative side. All of a sudden I wasn't feeling "it". Like so many of you, I had to get my mind around everything and 'process' my steps forward. I suddenly realised it was more important than ever before that we all needed more "color" in our lives!! So...pencil to paper I focused getting back on track! It provided the perfect time for me to listen to my heart and soul...and drawing and painting gave me back my balance during those darker and uncertain times. Finally...I was back in my "happy place" again! And with our regulations starting to lift...and many more people back "out" again...I have enjoyed nothing more than reconnecting with my beautiful community. My little Studio has been received so openly, and warmly.....I feel so wonderfully blessed. I understand more than ever now the importance of the connection of Art and the joy it can bring to us all! Especially in a world that can feel so damn crazy at times...its important for us to connect to something that can still make our heart and souls "sing"! As I find my song...I hope you are all finding yours...and may my works of Art bring a little bit of colour back in to your world as well! Love to you all :) - Naomi xxxx
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  • I am very happy with my 2 I got the Dolphins & the Wave , love them . Naomi is my niece, she has always been very talented.. I highly recommend her work .

    Carmen Camilleri on

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